Sunday, January 24, 2010

December in Washington

Christmas morning.

Traditional Brown family shot. The kids line up on the stairs in order from youngest to oldest. I think we need to figure out a better way to get everyone showing. Jared, Meghan, and Sofia came the next day from California.

One of my best bud's (and old roomie) Natalie was in Washington for Christmas seeing her sister and her sister's family. She came down for an afternoon with her fiance Justin. It was nice to meet him and get to see Nat for a little bit. See you guys in March!

New Year's Eve. We celebrated Jennifer's, my sister-in-law, birthday with good food and rockband. We counted down the East coast's New Year and then everyone left. Mark and I stayed awake for the West coast's New Year and peered out the window at all of the fireworks on the Puget Sound.


Hilary said...

So proud of you Moe Jane.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Holiday! Hope all is well Moe~