Monday, May 11, 2009

Scuba Diving

The sunken Carthaginian was an old whaling boat. We saw the rare brown frog fish on the mast.
On our first dive, we went to a turtle cleaning station and saw five turtles who were having algae cleaned off their shells by fish.
While we were diving at the Carthaginian a recreational viewing submarine also came by to look at the ship. I guess we became part of the attraction.

Our crew for our two dives.
Back at the dock with James, a V.P. for P.A.D.I.


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the man said...

you better send us your aol account, I don't think we have it. send it to heather, she'll send you the pics!

The Rich's said...

cute pics MOE!!!!! i love that you are posting pics of your life..i feel so connected *wink* hope your trip was awesome! see you in a month!