Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends in Town!

I know I am a very bad blogger but it is tax busy season and I have not been doing much other than well, taxes! Clark and Chelsie came to Las Vegas last week and Mark and I got to go to dinner with them on Thursday. I got to meet cute baby Jayne. Sorry no pictures of them only baby Jayne. She really likes her coasters! Thanks for the visit Chelsie and Clark. It was great to catch up!


The Rich's said...

cute pic! she is darling...so are you Moe.. :) good to see you posting...can't wait 'til busy season is over so you can post more about your lives!!!!

{Clark & Chelsie} said...

I'm so proud of you for blogging. When I sent you that photo I realized that we never did take one of the four of us. Apparently we just need to head down there again and try it all over! Thanks for letting us hang out with you during your busy season!!