Sunday, February 3, 2008

Time in Washington

Jacob, Jennifer, and Jenson at Zoo lights. Zoo lights is at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma and they decorate the zoo with tons of Christmas lights. Unfortunately all of the animals were put away but the lights were still very cool.
Mark at the Aquarium at Zoo lights. Hopefully, this will be the closest he ever gets to being inside a shark's mouth.
Rainbow at Zoo lights. We took other pictures of the lights such as the two Narrows bridges but they were blurry :(
Mark and I enjoying our treats from Affairs chocolates after the New Year. We hung out with my Mom and Dad for the evening and had a good time.
Mark with the train after arriving in Portland. My Dad, Mom, Mark, and I took a train ride from Tacoma to Portland. The scenery as we traveled was beautiful and it had been a long time since I had rode a train and a first for Mark. We walked around downtown Portland (lead by my Dad who went to Medical School in Portland), shopped downtown, went to a movie, ate dinner, stayed at the Marriott for a night, and went to the biggest bookstore in North America called Powell's. The bookstore was amazing and there were so many levels. We didn't have a chance to go on all of the levels because we spent a lot of time in the Children's section but it was still very fun. Going to Portland on the train had to be one of the highlights of the vacation. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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