Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After a stressful year of school for Mark and a year of working and passing the CPA exam for me Mark and I felt like we needed a break. Not to mention the fact that we were coming up on our 1 year anniversary. So we decided to go on a cruise and invited any who would like to come. Well, my parents love to cruise and Jimmy is always up for a vacation so we decided to go May 6-13th. Our cruise took us to Cozumel (it was supposed to be Costa Maya but an injured passenger needed to be flown to a hospital and the closest airport was Cozumel), Grand Cayman, and Jamacia. Sorry there no pictures of Grand Cayman but we went scuba diving and didn't bring an underwater camera. All in all we had a wonderful time.


Megan said...

Hello Moe! I found your blog! How cute are you guys?! I love your house! Hey, we went to Tulum this summer too. We've got some pictures of it on our blog. I think we missed you by about a month though. Glad you guys are doing well!


C & C said...

Moe, I keep looking to see some updates. I know that Vegas has got to be a little exciting...Are you just waiting for Clark and me to come visit again before you post?